Saturday, September 25, 2010

Vocaloid fever!

If you could tell right now I've been listening to vocaloid music..ALOT.
Everything is so catchy. My favorite vocaloid would have to be Luka! I tried to making my profile based on "Just Be Friends" but that didn't go as well. So, I used one of my my favorites "Matryoshka"! It's been stuck in my head. I've seen those dolls before. xD They look nothing like Gumi and Miku. Lulz.  What'll be my next blog update about? 8D Kufufuf~ Who knows?


  1. approve of the new layout! lol
    I have hear of Matryoshka till now

  2. @Meni
    I'm glad you like it. xD It was just a random thing for me. Haha. It's a pretty catchy song!

  3. @Shiki haha no worries! (I see the rely botton works!)