Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Artist of the Week: VALSHE

Something interesting to add to my blog~

Hello everyone! I'm feeling much better now that my cold has died down. I was thinking of stuff to add to my blog. Soo..I got to to thinking. Since music is a big part of my life I thought I should add something music related. Here it is! My first "Artist of the Week" entry! I know what you're thinking. Totally unoriginal, right? Well, I'm mostly gonna be writing about japanese/korean artists and how I think they are amazing~I've kinda lost interest in american music these day. Lol. Anyway! Please let me know what you guys about this. Is it boring, fun, interesting? I'd love to know! Moving on. On to the real post~

Our artist of the week is the amazing Valshe! I couldn't think of a better person for this entry. Here's some background info on her if you don't know anything about Valshe. Valshe first started posting videos on NicoNicoDouga of her singing vocaloid songs. She slowly became more popular because of her amazing range and powerful voice leading people to think she was a boy. Valshe recognized for her talents soon became a professional singer. She now has two albums out. We never really get to see what she looks like but on her album covers she is portrayed as a young blonde boy.  Not much is really known of her personal life. If I have any info on her wrong let me know and I'll correct it at once. I choose Valshe because I really look up to her as a singer. It amazed me how a nicnicodouga singer became so famous. She has so much talent and deserved to become professional! That's what made her my artist of the week. ;)

Please support Valshe by buying her new album "Story Teller"~

Check out her "Myself" music video:

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  1. Oh, I like this singer :D
    And what's more, I found her music on itunes!
    I know what I'm getting next x3

    Is it wrong that I think that boy looks cute?
    Love his eyes x3