Sunday, October 3, 2010

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Ep. 1

Wooo~ Let's kick off my first review with this awesome anime. 8D

I was thinking of reviewing Bakuman first but I'm sure you guys can wait. Lol. I didn't really expect much from PanSto. I didn't even plan on watching it in the first place buuut curiosity did not kill this cat! I was pleasantly surprised. Anyway~ On to the episode review.

In the beginning we are introduced to Panty and Stocking that are angels kicked out off heaven and were sent to protect a city called "Daten City" which lies between the line of Heaven and Hell. Panty and Stocking must protect the people of this city from monsters called "Ghosts". They collect Heaven Coins from the defeated Ghosts to be able to go back to Heaven.  Panty is shown to be...well...promiscuous and a has a strong attitude. She uses her Panties ,that transform into a gun, for a weapon. xDD  Stocking is your everyday goth-lolli with a huge sweet tooth. Of course, Stocking uses one of her stocking, that turns into a sword, for her weapon. I think both characters are really cute in their own way. Haha. We also have Garterbelt who sends the girls out on their missions and Chuck, their pet dog...thing that looks like Gir. xD;  
There have cases of tiolets eating people in Daten City. LOLWUT. Gaterbelt suspects that it is the work of a Ghost. Thus, Panty and Stocking are given their mission to get rid of it.

Let's get this show on the road!

The girls set off to eliminate the Ghost. While driving around in their pink badass truck they spot this plumber that fixes tiolets, immediately thinking that he's the ghost, only to find out they were wrong.


After a hard day YEAHRIGHT of work Panty, Stocking, and Gater have dinner. Panty leaves to go to the bathroom. While on the tiolet it starts rumbling and making these weird sounds. Panty is then sucked in to the tiolet and then shot out covered head to toe with alot of crap. Lmao. All over Daten City, sewers are bursting out with crap revealing the real ghosts.As police try to stop the ghosts Garter belt explains to thme that only Panty and Stocking can destry it. Panty and Stocking appear ready to kill the beast. They transorm into their angel outfits. With their weapons they destroy the ghost!
Amazing transformation scene is amazing~

A loud bell is heard from the church signalling that Panty and Stocking have indeed killed it. All is in peace...for now. I'm just gonna end this review for now. The other part of the episode I didn't like as much. ;__; I hope you guys don't mind.  

Review: This has to be one of my favorite fall animes so far! The animation is awesome and the music is love~ With a name like PanSto I was expecting fanservice but I think they did it in a funny way so I don't mind it as much. The crude humor was very refreshing to me. xD I'd rather have that then innocent, boring, annoying characters. I was totally blown away with the traformation scene even if they were pole dancing. LMAO. The characters are all so lovable. :o I thought it was kinda weird that the art style looked like the Powerpuff Girls. I'm pretty sure that alot of people had this complaint.  But, I think that that art style fits alot in here. Hopefully there will be more amazing transformation scenes for eye candy. The storyline is pretty bland though but I guess the animation and all the stuff make up for it. I'm glad that I decided to watch it instead of passing PanSto! NOW YOU WATCH IT TOO~

:) I hope you guys liked my first anime review. I hope it wasn't boring or whatever. Please let me know if you liked it. If you have any advice let me know to. With those last words I bid you adieu~

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  1. I read like a chapter of the manga for this anime. It was...different ^^;
    Not sure if I'm going to watch this or not but awesome that you found an anime you like~

    Looking forward to your future reviews :3