Friday, April 8, 2011


Yaaa~ You wish your were G like us. *shot*

*facepalms at my lameness* Sorry that I haven't posted anything in like...months. xD I'm still alive and well. It's just that I've been so busy with school, life, ect. I'm gonna try to post more things. Either reviews or thoughts, I SWEAR. I'm praying for spring break and smmer vacation every single day. I hope you guys are doing well. ;D Haha. Ja ne~


  1. It's okay! just post whenever you feel like it ^_^ one time I took a 7 month break coz life was too stressing =.= I can't wait for summer! so much stuff planned :D

  2. @RubyAwww..thanks. ;__; Sorry for the late reply. OTL
    Yes, I'm super excited for summer break as well. I totally get you. xD School is so uugggghh..lmao. Just 1 and a couple weeks left! >:o