Friday, April 8, 2011

Manga/Drama CD Review: Honto Yajuu

It's so fluffy!!!!

Honto Yajuu by Yamamoto Kotetsuko has to be one of if not my favorite BL mangas ever. It's so freakin' adorable, sweet and DID I MENTION ADORABLE?? *cough* Anyway, back to my review. Pardon me if I start fangirling, it happens ...a lot.

Honto Yajuu ("Like A Beast") follows Aki Gotouda and Tomoharu Ueda, our main couple~ The strange thing is that Ueda is a policeman while Aki is a Yakuza. They first met after Ueda had stopped a thief who stole Aki's boxer shorts. (LOLWUT, I know, it's the weirdest thing ever.) Aki had fallen in love with him first sight. Thus the story begins with Aki trying to win over Ueda's love (which he does in the end~) and all their rabu rabu problems. There are four volumes in the series.

Manga Review:
Where to begin..I love Honto Yajuu with a passion. It's such a light hearted, funny and sweet story. If you're looking for a serious and angsty yaoi story, this isn't for you. Honto Yajuu is everything but angsty. All the characters are really likeable, especially Aki. He's not the type of uke that's whiny and tsundere like, which I hate with a passion! Aki is very fiesty and adorable.  He wants Ueda love just as much as Ueda, which you don't see a lot in yaoi. His lameness is always entertaining  adorable and makes you like him even more. Ueda is also another great character. He's probably my favorite. Ueda is the calm but caring person and always wants the best for Aki. When those two are together is just...uggh...SO FLUFFY. 
"Duwaaa" moment. *points* Right there! xD  Another awesome thing about Honto Yajuu is the art. The art is simple but I think it gives the story a more light hearted feel to it. Aki's and Ueda's expressions are completely adorable and so are their designs! Aki dosen't look girly at all and Ueda is smexy as usual. ;D  So props to Yamamoto-san, you got another fan~ I wish it was more popular though. I find Honto Yajuu more appealing then stuff like Junjou Romantica or other angsty BL titles. That's just my opinion though~ So if you're interested in funny and light hearted stories, I totally recommend this! NOW ON TO THE DRAMA CD REVIEW.

Drama CD Review:
Nakamura Yuuichi as Ueda
Kakihara Tetsuya as Aki

My favorite BL drama CD. I'm a real sucker for drama CDs. I'm always listening to them when I have free time. Just like the manga, this drama CD (currently 3 CD are released right now) is very fluffy. Yuuichi and Tetsuya do a amaaazing job at capturing their characters personalities. The only small complaint I have is that I find Yuuichi's voice acting for Ueda was well...too cheery. I thought Ueda would sound more montone and calm. It's not a huge thing so I don't mind. The music was really pretty and it never seemed out of place. The acting was really good too.  I especially loved the humor in this. I always found myself cracking a smile or laughing at times. Tetsuya was a perfect match for Aki! I wouldn't change him at all.  I can tell Tetsuya and Yuuichi were confortable with each other because they voiced Natsu and Gray in Fairy Tale. That's always fun to picture. Haha. I'm glad that Tetsuya has a friend by his side because I'm pretty sure this is his first time voicing in a BL drama CD. Which I was super shocked at! The H-scenes in this drama were pretty darn...*fans self*. The sound effects made it even more..*hides face*. Go listen to it yourself! Tetsuya is the perfect uke voice and Yuuichi is great either way. xD Big thumbs up to this~ If you liked the manga, you'll love the Drama CD!

Thanks for sticking with me all this time. I wrote A LOT this time. D: So, I'm sorry if I started to ramble on and on. Here's the end of the review~ Hope you liked it.


  1. *Thumbs up* I love it Shiki

  2. Srsly those guys look really cute! *o*
    CD sounds interesting, I shall listen to it sometime ^_^

  3. @RubyThanks for the comment!~
    I'm glad you think so. :3 Let me know what cha think~ Haha.

  4. Honto Yajuu IS adorable!!!!! It was my first BL manga and I sooooooo agree with you on all of this article. Yamamoto Kotetsuko makes the best BL mangas out there. But I wish they got more publicity,they're sooooooo adorable. Adorable barely does them justice too. But thanks for this review, I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves this manga.