Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nico Nico Singer: GURIRI

This girl is too amazing for words~
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I needed some ideas for what to post on my blog. So I got to thinking..since I listen to alot of vocaloid music and Nico Nico Singers I should do a post about them! xD Thus this was born! Guriri is gonna be first of the many Nico Nico Singers I talk about. She totally deserves the spot. I could talk about this girl for days. She and Gero and my favorite Nico Nico Singers. The interesting part of Guriri is that she's Korean(please correct me if I'm wrong) but that dosen't stop her from singing in fluet japanese. Her range is crazy huge. She can sound like a lolli and then a badass in the variety of vocaloid songs that she has covered. Let me name some of my favorites first!~

You and Beautiful World originally sung by Luka Megurine

This pretty much blew away when I first heard it. My favorite cover of this song. The emotion is there. Guriri put alot of power when singing this song expecially at the end note. It always gives me goosebumps. <3

_theBlue originally sung by Luka Megurine
Guriri is a total BAMF in this. I wasn't a fan of the original but Guriri's voice made it so much more amazing. Of course her emotion is just flowing out of this song.

Matryoshka originally sung by Miku Hatsune & GUMI

COME ON! You knew this one was coming. I have to say that Guriri's version is one of the most popular. She sound adorable and creepy. 'Nuff said. xD

Palette originally sung by Luka Megurine

Anything Yuyoyuppe is freakin' amazing. So adding Guriri to the mix is UUUUGH. SO GOOD. *shot*

Garden of Berserker originally sung by Rin Kagamine

Once again showing her amazing range. These type of rock-ish japanese songs really fit Guriri's voice.

 Tómur originally sung by Miku Hatsune

An adorable duet with Guriri and her buddy TMDC. I haven't really listened to much of TMDC but he's in alot of duet that Guriri has up. All of them which are really cute and fluffy.

There are some that I totally recommend. I'm resisting to put up more. I hope some of them suited your fancy. Check Guriri out and support her! I hope you guys enjoyed this new segment in my blog. xD Let me know what you think, what I should add to my blog, or which Nico Nico Singer to write about next! Untill next time! 

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