Friday, May 6, 2011

Current OTP: Phoenix/Edgeworth(NaruMitsu)

This pairing is too cute to object to!

I've been obessed with the Phoenix Wright games lately. I have to say I fell in love with the pairing Phoenix Wright(Ryuichi Naruhodo) and Miles Edgeworth(Reiji Mitsurugi). With them being childhood friends and laywers you can tell that they both care alot for each other. I'm sure this couple has a huuuge fanbase. But what's not to love about this pair? It's sweet but angsty. They are most definitely my favorite pairing in the game, right next to GodotxMia.

I love how both of them are embarassed to talk about one another...because it's just gets really awkward. They always have each others back though. Their childhood story together is super adorable too. Another plus to this relationship is both of them can either be bottoms or tops. 8D I prefer Edgey to be the uke though. He's way more sensitive and a tsuntsun when it comes to Phoenix.
Ahhh, I miss the cases with Edgeworth and Phoenix. It's sad in the new games that they don't even mention each other. Well, Edgey mentions him here and there in "Ace Attorney: Investigations" they never do meet though. I won't lose hope and I'll wait patiently until the other games are released.






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