Friday, May 13, 2011

Nico Nico Singer: Gero

This guy is my hubby! *trampled by fangirls*

If you're a huge fan of Nico Nico covers then you must have ran into one of Gero's song. If not..GET OUT FROM UNDER THAT DAMN ROCK. Gero is one of the most well known Nico Nico singers out there. All my friends know that I have a huge crush on this dude. He has a hyperactive and funny personality and the power in his voice is just crazy good. It's hard to not like him and he's really something special to come by. The sad part is, he dosen't have alot of covers as I wished he did. That dosen't stop him for being well known though. Let's start with the vids! His popularity really sparked with the legendary "Magnet" trio cover.

His personality really shined in this video. With the random outburst and making omlets. This guy is funny and a great singer. I can't help but giggle when he laughs. xD I knooow..I'm a sucker for these type of guys. BUT ENOUGH FANGIRLING...time for a serious song. Another fan favorite is "Just Be Friends." One of the most well known songs in the Vocaloid universe.

*tears* Geeerooo..his voice is just lovely in this.

This has to one of my favorite covers of "Two Breaths Walking." The scream near the end was a nice touch. <3

THE DYING MESSAGE originally sung by Rin Kagamine
BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGDEFKSDFKSDLFK...Gero+Screaming=My otome heart dancing. You usually don't hear Gero screaming seriously so this is a nice find.

Scissorhands originally sung by Miku Hatsune

Such a sultry voice...a big fan favorite~

Luka Luka Night Fever originally sung by Luka Megurine

I'll leave us off with a funny duet between Gero and Roro. These guys are such geeks.

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  1. \(^3^)/ Another Gero fan yay~ personally I love all of them Gero, ASK, Faneru, and Roro they are all just so perfect in their own little way <3